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Do I need a fishing license?

If you are 16 and older, you will need a Wisconsin fishing license. If you already have an annual Wisconsin fishing license, please make sure you have the Great Lakes Salmon and Trout Stamp added. We do sell a two-day temporary license (resident and non-resident) on board the boat for $14, which also covers the nesscary stamp.  You can also purchase your fishing license online.

How many people can we bring on a charter?


We are licensed by the United States Coast Gaurd to take out up to six passengers on each boat.  This does not include Captain and crew. However, if your group is larger than 6, we can add multiple boats to the charter.  We will make all the necessary arrangments for the additional boats to make it easier for you.

Can kids go fishing on Lake Michigan?


There is no age limit on fishing Lake Michigan.  Watching kids catch what could be their biggest fish ever is always a blast.

Will you clean our fish?

You betcha! Fillet or gut and gilled, we will do it free of charge.

Can we bring alcohol?

Of course! Bring some drinks and enjoy your time, but please be responsible and respectful.  It is your Captains job to keep you safe.  He can and will (if need be) end the charter if at any point things become unsafe.

Will I get seasick?

Unfortunately, sometimes it does happen, even to some of the more seasoned fisherman.  The best thing you can do to prevent seasickness is to stay hydrated, eat a healthier meal, and get a good nights sleep the night before your charter. If you are taking Dramamine, try taking some before bed and first thing when you get up (we are no doctors but it helps).

What if it is supposed to rain?

We do fish in the rain.  The boat has a hard top and sliding back door to keep you out of the elements between fish if need be. 

What if its too rough to fish?

We will make that call the morning of the charter. The Captain has the final say on if its to safe or not. We want to take you fishing, not to the hospital.  If your trip is canceled due to weather, you'll be refunded or we can try and move your trip to a later date and time.

How far out are the fish?

Sometimes it depends on the time of year and conditions.  It could be right off the beach one day and 10 miles offshore the next.

When is the best time to catch the most fish?

The general rule of thumb is spring to early summer is smaller fish but higher quantities and late summer into fall is larger fish but fewer quantities.

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